Taking Up the Torch


Can Canada be a global leader?

Canada may be the one country that can galvanize the international community to creatively use the law to protect the hard-won democratic ideals, human rights, and economic aspirations that have anchored (at times precariously) the international order since the Second World War.

Effective Canadian leadership will depend on Canada moving beyond lip service and rhetoric to taking action, in a concrete and practical way. Canada will have to “up its game,” working hard to effect positive change both at home and abroad.

Through accessible, persuasive storytelling and analysis, Taking Up the Torch shows that Canada has a rare and unique opportunity to influence the future course of world events and the corresponding impact upon Canadians.

About the Author

Sukanya Pillay

Posted by Kendra on August 30, 2016

Sukanya Pillay

Sukanya Pillay is a lawyer, law professor, pubic speaker, and writer. She is currently the Law Foundation of Ontario Scholar and a visiting professor at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. Sukanya lives in Windsor, Ontario.