7 Questions With The Most Canadian Woman in the World

7 Questions With The Most Canadian Woman in the World

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Is Canada Even Real? author J.C. Villamere knew how to drive a Ski-Doo by age eight, her body is 90 per cent maple syrup, and among her prized possessions is a signed 8x10 glossy of Shelagh Rogers. She is the most Canadian woman in the world and she's taking your questions! Send your queries to jc (at) villamere (dot) com and watch villamere.com for more upcoming answers. Here, she responds to the first batch of inquiries:

1. Do you drive a dog sled?
I drive a red, snow-covered Benz with a Drake air freshener hanging from the rearview and an interior that's liberally sprinkled with flakes of Timbit glaze.

2. Do you live in an igloo?
No, but that would be cool (GET IT?!!). I always loved this NFB short from 1949 that shows how igloos are made. It's beautiful and inspiring and clever and crazy, just like all the best Canadian things.

How to Build an Igloo , Douglas Wilkinson, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

3. What are the true Canadian values?
I don't know where Kellie Leitch is shopping but I find Giant Tiger has some great, great deals. Good value from a great Canadian shop! Check this out. Unbeatable!

From the Ottawa Journal, Nov 26, 1970

4. Is your dad a hockey player?
Yes. And he doesn't have the teeth to prove it.

5. Do you eat blubber?
No, but if Canadian Living ran the recipe I'd probably (definitely) try it.

6. Don't you wish you lived in the States where it's warmer?
No, when it's cold, I just go to my happy place: binge-watching Murdoch Mysteries from the recliner with a bag of Hickory Sticks and a diet pop. #yasss

7. How can you say you're the most Canadian woman in the world?
It's tricky, isn't it? To prove it, we'd have to agree on the definitive definition of Canadian and then I'd have to prove I'm the woman with the most of it.

This is one of my very favourite definitions:


Jim Perry hosted the Canadian game show Definition for most of the series' run from 1974 to 1989 on CFTO. A great, great, Canadian definition.

But I love this definition, too:


The Juno Award-winning Toronto duo of King Lou and Capital Q took the hip-hop world by storm in 1991 with their jazz-influenced hit "My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style." Another delicious Canadian definition!

What's your definition? It's a convo worth having, and if I have to be an absurd braggart just to get the ball rolling, well, I'll take that one for the team, gang.


Is Canada Even Real? How a Nation Built on Hobos, Beavers, Weirdos, and Hip-Hop Convinced the World to Beliebe by J.C. Villamere, a.k.a The Most Canadian Woman in the World, is available from your favourite bookseller! Celebrate Canada and join Villamere at the the Kingston launch on June 1!