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Back to School

Posted on September 5 by Robert Priest

My birthday is in July so going back to school was one way I kind of felt in sync with the outer world. Beginning each new grade I had a new age, a new season, new clothes   (or at least different hand-me-downs) and a new shot at something. Summer holidays were long enough that, come late August I was usually, if only secretly, beginning to make the equivalent of New Year's resolutions to myself about how studious and on time I would be. Not that I was a bad student.

Writing Teen Books

Posted on August 15 by Lynne Kositsky

I have written for almost as long as I can remember, most recently young adult novels.    I am frequently asked where my ideas come from. I guess they come from who I am and what I’ve experienced in one way or another. Let’s start at the brilliant piece of literature I remember creating, at the age of six:     


    I am a pixie

    My husband’s name is Dixie

    We live in a hollow tree house.

    We live near the ground

    Where the tree is round as round

    What a nice little hollow tree house.


It was February, 2011. I was sitting at my desk (writing, what else?), and noticed a new email message with the subject line: Congratulations, Philippa!

I almost dismissed it as junk mail, until I noticed the “from” address. Since it was from my publisher, I opened it. My publisher was pleased to tell me that my first book, The Gargoyle in My Yard, had been nominated for a Diamond Willow award, one of the Saskatchewan Young Readers Choice Awards, and she hoped that it would be the first of many.